Richard Denis, Secretary General Organisation of World Heritage Cities (UNESCO)


“Cas Verholt builds real castles in the air. Indeed, he lets it happen, our minds often wander and on that wandering he comes up with inspiration. Once back on earth, he knows how to put together these ‘never done before’ ideas into a fantastic world of experience.

“It was for me, for the officials, for the teachers and the children a wonderful experience to work with him on the project ‘Charles and the Frog King.’ If I may say, we have developed a unique educational programme worthy of the Beemster, a World Heritage Site. For years to come, our schools will enjoy and profit by it—for what could be better than to experience your own history and your own environment in such a creative manner?”

Joke Benningen-Harlaar, council alderman for the Beemster

Role Act2

idea and concept
with Fokelien Renckens
with Peter Smit
with Lilian ter Horst and Ellen van Veen
final direction